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The Interceders Encourager No. 42

What is God saying to Britain at this time?

In view of the present situation in Britain, noting in particular the disturbances that took place in August this year, we should be thinking seriously about what God is trying to say to us at this time, and determine how it should affect our prayer and our action.

1. The Situation

A. Various reasons have been advanced as to why the riots in London and other cities took place, including the fact that this country has had an unlimited immigration system whereby 99% of the jobs created since 1997 have gone to immigrants, depriving our unskilled workforce of most possibilities of employment, (most of the rioters were unskilled.) But behind all that, there were other more basic causes

1) The breakdown of the family and cohesive communities, aided and abetted by bad anti Christian legislation. At least half the children in this country do not live with their parents; consequently they are without proper supervision and guidance.

2) The retreat from moral judgmentalism and discipline, again aided and reinforced by bad legislation. Judgmentalism and discipline have become dirty words, even in churches. Children are not taught correct behaviour and the difference between right and wrong, nor respect for their elders, and are not punished for wrong doing.

3) A weak and poor educational system, again brought about by bad legislation, where children and young people are not taught moral behaviour, nor the Bible; where corporal punishment is not allowed, and where all the rights are given to the pupils and not to the teachers. Furthermore, we have a very inefficient, ungraded educational system where children are moved up to the next level without passing any tests, so that too many of them leave school without qualifications, and without a certificate of good behaviour. In addition, we have an idiotic system where the government actually pays them to stay at school, irrespective of whether they actually do any study, in contrast to most poor countries where parents have to pay to send their children to school. Then, when they leave, they are then paid for being unemployed and doing nothing! It is not surprising that they think society owes them a living, and complain when they don’t get it.

4) The allowing and propagation of a generation gap between young and old, in which young people are regarded, not as trainee adults, but as those who have to be treated differently and pandered to. Consequently, young people often complain that not enough is being done for them. But this is upside down thinking. They have the energy and the abilities that many others, especially the old, do not have; so they should be thinking, not of what others should do for them, but of what they should be doing for others.

5) A weak policing system, where all the rights go to the criminal, and the police are not allowed to take the offensive in stopping crime, as we saw during the riots.

6) A weak legal system where criminals are let off because of bad legislation and legal loopholes, or are not sent to prison because there is no more room there for them.

7) A weak penal system, where the punishment never fits the crime, where violent people are given short sentences, which are then further reduced.

8) A soft prison service, where the inmates enjoy better meals and service and recreational facilities than most people outside; and which is therefore no deterrent to crime. 

9) An unjust benefits system, as we have mentioned, in which money is given to people able to work without demanding any work in return. This is the height of injustice and stupidity. It has created a society which expects something for nothing, and which thinks that the government and others owe them a living. If the government was serious, they could always find work to be done, especially clearing up litter, cleaning graffiti, painting, decorating, labouring, helping in State institutions, maintenance and repair of roads, buildings, etc. No able bodied person should receive taxpayers money for doing nothing, unless they have paid their taxes for it previously through a lifetime of working. 

10) Bad legislation. Melanie Phillips has pointed out that, "The violent anarchy that has taken hold of British cities is the all-too-predictable outcome of a five decade liberal experiment which tore up virtually every basic social value. The married two-parent family, educational meritocracy, proper punishment of criminals, pride in national identity and history, enforcement of the drugs laws and many more fundamental conventions were all smashed by a liberal intelligentsia, especially that of the last government, that was determined to effect a revolutionary transformation of society."

The whole situation has created at least one generation who live in a moral vacuum, with no understanding of right and wrong and no conception of responsibility to others. Melanie Phillips calls it a moral collapse, while the Prime Minister has said that society is sick. It is not surprising, therefore, what we have seen; and far worse will follow if nothing is done to change the factors above.

Ian Milmine has written, "I am writing this as stock markets tumble, and we are hearing dire warnings of a ‘double dip’ recession. Sadly, our malaise is not only financial. Social, political and religious commentators are still trying to explain the violent and mindless rioting that hit so many of our cities in August. Personally, I feel the Prime Minister was pretty accurate in his analysis when he described the disorders as a ‘wake up call for our country.’ He went on to say that there had been a ‘slow motion moral collapse’ in the country. ‘Irresponsibility, selfishness, behaving as if your choices have no consequences; children without fathers, schools without discipline, reward without effort, crime without punishment, and rights without responsibilities..’ These, in David Cameron’s view, are some of the excesses of our permissive society that led to such extreme disorder."

B. However, as Christians, we know that behind all these factors is what has caused them, the fact that this country has departed from the God who made her great. None of these factors were true a hundred years ago, but, over that period, this nation, in its pride, thought it could do without God, so it gradually rejected God's ways, and we have had to pay the price for that, and will have to pay a bigger price if we do not return to Him. In its wisdom, our leaders and people thought they knew best. They thought honouring God didn't matter. They thought honouring His day didn't matter. They thought marriage didn't matter. They thought sex outside marriage didn't matter. They thought children not honouring their parents didn’t matter. They thought disciplining children was bad, etc, etc, so now we are beginning to reap the whirlwind. 

C.What has been happening can be looked at in two ways.

 1.  Firstly, it can be seen as God further withdrawing His hand of protection over this country. For many years, He has been holding back the powers of lawlessness, but now, because of our continued rejection of His ways, that restraint is being further loosened, and the powers of hell are having their way. (I have noticed that many commentators used the word lawlessness to describe what was happening.)  

Consequently, we have seen flagrant crimes, even in the daytime: robberies and muggings and murder, even by children, on a scale never seen before. As that protective hand is being withdrawn even further, so the forces of lawlessness have been given greater freedom, allowing children and young people, (as well as many older people), the opportunity to display all their inbuilt selfishness and rebellion.

2. Secondly it can be seen as the natural consequence of children and young people not being brought up according to God's ways. Many people, including too many in the Church, think that children and young people are so good that they must not be punished or disciplined, but spoilt. Children have been put on a pedestal, and made to think that the world revolves around them. This is completely against what God has said in His Word, both in the Old and the New Testaments, where God says that children have to learn obedience and submission through discipline, and should be brought up in the fear of the Lord, so that they become responsible members of society. Even the Lord Jesus Christ, who was without sin, had to learn obedience; so how much more is it necessary for sinners. The doctrine of original sin needs to be proclaimed loud and clear, and appropriate action taken. Because it has not been, we are seeing the consequences, which, if not corrected, will get worse and worse.

Looking at the situation in these two ways fits in with the way the Old Testament prophets spoke. They said the people had been disobedient to God, so God would have to withdraw His hand of mercy and punish them. Our situation needs to be seen in the same way. Our disobedience has to lead to God's punishment.

Concurring with this, the Maranatha Community issued a circular letter: A VERY URGENT CALL TO EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THE UNITED KINGDOM stating that "there is a struggle taking place for the soul of our nation at this time of crisis," that "the current riots across the land hold up a mirror to the moral and spiritual sickness of our nation," that "the issues facing us today are not primarily political or social but spiritual, and this is yet another manifestation of the consequences of our nation turning its back on God and His ways.

D. Moreover, we, as a nation, turned our back on our Empire and Dominions, and joined what became the European Union; countries which had not been blessed by God as we had been, and we became like them; in the same way as the people of God in the Old Testament, whom God had to punish for their sin and wickedness,' because, instead of following God's laws and being different from the nations around them, they followed these other nations and became like them. In the same way, having turned our back on God and His ways, we have become like the nations around us.

But, just as Israel was highly favoured by God, when it became like the nations round about, it had to suffer more than they did, so Britain, because it has been so highly favoured by God, but has gone away from Him, will have to suffer more than other nations, if it does not turn back to Him; and that is what we are beginning to see now. And it will get even worse, unless the nation returns to God in real repentance. We have heard that the leaders in other countries were looking at Britain, saw the appalling state of affairs here, and thought what a terrible condition we were in; just as happened to Judah at the time of the exile. Like them, we have become a reproach and a laughing stock.(e.g. Jer. 29:18-19) This should make us very ashamed, and even more determined to pray for this land, before it is too late.

2. The Response

A. The Resignation Response

"A small group of Ministry leaders met at the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham on Tuesday 23rd August. They were there to consider the present situation in the nation following the disturbances that began in Tottenham and spread to other areas of London and to a number of other cities. Their major purpose was to seek what God is saying to us today. They were reminded that 30 years ago God had said that as a nation Britain had chosen the way we wanted to go and that He would let us go until we recognised the disastrous consequences of turning away from his word. We are very near to that situation today. We all believe that there are still things to happen in our nation, particularly in the economy, that will bring further dismay to the population before there is a real openness to the word of the Lord."

This analysis of the situation may well be partly correct, but the conclusion is not necessarily right. It is true that God, as He has shown since Biblical times, allows a people or nation to continue in the way it has chosen if it does not repent, but He is never content to leave things as they are. He is always concerned that people come to their senses before it is too late. Therefore, we should not just accept the situation, but should ask God to bring about that "real openness to the word of the Lord."

The report continued: "We believe that God is grieving over the state of the nation in Britain. He is particularly grieving over family breakdown and the effect upon the lives of children and young people as well as the suffering of adults. This is all the consequence of turning away from biblical truth which has been the foundation of our national life and the institutions of state. We believe that God is speaking to all those who love him and who acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour. He is calling his people to watch and pray with him – to be attentive to what is happening in our communities watching for the signs of openness to the gospel and being ready to respond; also watching the wider scene so that our prayers are focused."

We would agree that God is grieving over the state of the nation, and agree with the causes, but, in that case, we should be doing far more than watch and pray, we should be desperate to see that grieving ended. This report is treating everything that is happening too coldly, as irreversible, as something we should just wait to see happen; but that is against the whole thrust of Biblical prophecy. No prophet ever told a people to just wait and see what would happen. He told the people to repent of their sins, and amend their ways, and warned them of far worse to come if they did not do so. Therefore, we should be doing the same.

I was pleased to see that the report concluded by saying, "God is also calling for greater commitment to prayer; to sustained intercession for our local communities as well as for our nation and the international situation. In our prayers we should not be asking for the shaking of the nations to stop; rather we should be praying that the shaking will be effective so that God is able to work out his purposes as swiftly as possible." This sounds quite good, but God expects far more than that, for He has much greater plans than for us to calmly accept what is happening. He wants His people to rise up in boldness and faith filled prayer that the judgment may be averted and His Spirit poured out in convicting and converting power. For if the full judgment comes, we will have failed our nation, and we will have failed Him.

B. The Taking the Initiative Response

We need to remember that in the 18th Century, a similar or worse situation existed in this country. (Please excuse me for repeating what I wrote in previous Encouragers.) The situation was so bad that some despaired for the future of the Church, and thought it would die out. Wesley gave the following description: "Blatant sabbath breaking," (notice he puts it at the top of his list), "cheating, lying, stealing, fraud, injustice, violence, murder, homosexual practices, barefaced wickedness, laziness, living in luxury, drunkenness, cursing and swearing and the rejection of the Church." Skevington Wood adds to this; open sin and debauchery among the leaders in society; religion being openly disregarded and ridiculed, (not even 1% of the country`s leaders acted according to religious principle); Christianity was thought of as fictitious; the sanctity of marriage was widely ignored; gambling was an obsession among the whole population; society was like one vast casino, with State lotteries; popular literature was degraded, immoral and despicable; violent crime was rife: groups of young hooligans roamed the streets, causing havoc and terrorising neighbourhoods; prisons were overcrowded; unbelieving, lazy and evil clergy actually incited violence against preachers of the gospel; morality and religion had declined to a degree that had never been known in any Christian country; the torrent of evil threatened to destroy society. Wesley concurred with this when he wrote that the sins of Britain were worse than anywhere else on earth.

Yet the amazing fact is that, in spite of such a record, this nation experienced a profound turn around as the Holy Spirit worked through praying, preaching and discipleship that was dedicated to raising up holy people who were separated from their sins, given to good works, and devoted to evangelism. As He did it then, He is able and willing to do it now.

But, in order for God to do so, we have to acknowledge that our present situation is the fault of the Church. It has occurred because the Church in Britain has failed to be what God wanted it to be. It has allowed iniquity to flourish, and has not stood out against it, and has not defended Britain against the onslaught of secularism, humanism, atheism and Islam, and even at this late stage, shows such little concern. For the most part, the Church has retreated into religious and social activities, and works of charity, which are good and right and necessary, but which are merely rearguard actions in the face of such wickedness and rebellion and open disregard and hostility to the Christian faith. The Church in Britain has abdicated its responsibility before God for this land. A hundred years ago, the Church in Britain inherited a mantle never bequeathed to any other people in the history of the world, and they have squandered it, and allowed it to be pillaged and almost destroyed. Today, the Church seems frightened to oppose anybody or anything, always seeking to be acceptable to the world, bending over backwards to avoid any kind of confrontation. "Oh no, we`re not Bible bashers," it says, "we are just nice people, wanting to help you." "We don`t talk about fire and brimstone, and all that stuff. We just talk about the unconditional love of God for everybody."

It no longer proclaims a God of holiness and perfection, an awesome God of power and greatness, before whom we should all come, of whatever age, in humility and contriteness (Is.59:18-19, Is. 66:2, Js.4:8-10, etc.) It no longer warns of the certain judgment of God, and the certain punishment of those who rebel against Him, (Acts.17:31, 2Thess.1:8-9, Rev.20:11-15, etc.) It no longer declares the anger of God against sin and sinners, spelling out what those sins are, showing the necessity of repentance, and upholding the wonder of the grace of God in Christ, who took our sin upon himself on the Cross, so that we could be pardoned and made holy,(Rom.1:21-32, Gal.5:19-21, Acts 17:30, 2Cor.5:21.) It no longer speaks with the authority of the living God, and no longer prays with passion for Him to work in power.

If it did so, and the Spirit of God was really working among us, people would be convicted of their sin, would fall on their faces, and declare that God is truly among us, (1Cor.14:24-25); and that the Lord is the true God, as the people did on Mount Carmel when the fire fell.(1Ki.18:39) Then, when their sin had been properly dealt with, through the precious blood of Christ, and their relationship with God had been put right, then we could start to worship God in spirit and in truth, and offer to Him acceptable worship with reverence and fear; for our God is a consuming fire.(Heb.12:28-29)

It is not surprising that the Church has been, and still is, so ineffective, and why Britain has sunk to the level where people complain that it is a depressing country to live in, because it has forsaken its traditions and values, so that thousands of our best people are leaving it every year, as they see the terrible way it has declined. Today’s Church thinks it is so clever in being so up to date, and appealing to today’s generation, but it has forsaken the truths about God, especially those stressed in times of revival. We hear about wonderful new churches that are so good, and are attracting so many people, but society is not being changed. There are more members in new and up to date churches in Britain today, as a percentage of the population, than there were Methodists at the time of Wesley`s death in 1791. Yet the influence of Methodism on the country was far greater than the influence of today`s church members. This was because Methodists were not afraid to be different from their contemporaries. They stood for far higher principles and standards. They emphasised holiness of life. They lived in the light of eternity. They denounced sin, and told people they would go to hell if they didn`t repent of their sins, turn to Jesus and be 100% for Him. Where are the leaders, the churches and the Christians that are like that, or are prepared to be like that? People who will not be afraid to denounce sin in all its forms for what it is, as terrible and damning in the sight of God; that will tell this nation and its leaders and the media that they will never find the answers to this country`s problems unless they repent and get back to God. Only He can make Britain great again. And by God, we do not mean a false god of any other religion, but the one and only true God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who made them and the whole universe, and before whom we must all give account on the day of judgment. (Heb.9:27)

It is a terrible indictment on Christian leaders that Melanie Phillips, a Jew, is more Biblically correct and outspoken than any Church leaders I have heard, when she says, "Repairing this terrible damage also means a return to the energetic transmission of Biblical morality. When church leaders stop prattling like soft-headed social workers and start preaching, once again, the moral concepts that underlie our civilisation, and when our political leaders decide to oppose the culture war that has been waged against that civilisation rather than supinely acquiescing in its destruction, then, and only then, will we start to get to grips with this terrible problem."

Ian Milmine concludes his comments by saying, "I hardly need to say that the only real antidote to such moral collapse is for the fear of God to fall upon this nation. There is only one way in which this can happen; through an extraordinary effort of gospel proclamation, together with intense and and earnest prayer for revival. As the people of God, it befalls us to acknowledge our calling, and stand in the gap for our land."

That is why we need to pray and work for God to raise up leaders to declare His word with power; and for Him to revive the churches so they become what He wants them to be, like the Early Methodists; so He is able to raise this country up from the terrible state it is in. Nothing is impossible with God. We need to believe it, pray for it, tell others what is needed, get them concerned, and get them involved. We need to get on our knees before God, and plead with Him to have mercy on this land before it is too late.

The urgent need in this country is for such trumpet voiced preachers to be raised up to declare the truths that the Holy Spirit has used in the past to bring people to real conviction of sin, and to transformation of life; to disturb and challenge people, and be finished with soft and easy words, because they are so concerned about the terrible state of this country, with its sin and rebellion against God, and know that the only real answer lies in fervent prayer and bold and authoritative preaching of the full gospel.

You may be thinking that those preachers took years to do this, and we haven’t got that much time; we need a quicker solution. But in today’s instant communication society, any preachers who lived and spoke as the revival preachers of old did, would get into the homes and hands of everyone electronically in a very short space of time.

But this will happen only through holy people, who are in touch with God, praying in faith for God to raise up the preachers who are needed, and to pour out His Spirit to bring people to conviction of sin, without which the preachers will be scorned and rejected.

So, instead of accepting the downward course of this country, and waiting for it to get worse, we need to wake up and, in desperation, cry out to God to have mercy. It is that positive, faith filled attitude and that sense of desperation that is needed, for again and again, it has been that faith and that desperation that has spurred people to pray with real earnestness, so that revival has come.

Moreover, accepting the present situation, and waiting for it to get worse will not deal with the moral vacuum in this country, especially among young people, nor with the gang culture. In the absence of strong families, gangs appeal to young people as providers of security. In the same way, Islam appears attractive as it presents itself as strong and definite with fixed moral standards and with strong ties, in which Muslims support one another. Christianity, in comparison, appears old fashioned, weak and shallow, with no moral backbone, and with weaker ties.

This is why young people, in particular, need to be given a true picture of Christianity as something strong and attractive. In addition, as against Islam, Christianity needs to be presented not as a set of rules, but as a way of life, the only true way of life, a personal relationship with God and strong, deep relationships with others, and as a tapping in to the power of God, through whom we can live on a higher plane.

All this is reinforcing the need for: a) the spiritual atmosphere to be changed, which happens only when the Spirit of God is poured out in convicting power; b) preachers being raised up who will declare the whole truth about God, as the revival preachers of old did; c) churches being what they should be, holding up God’s standards.

We see all this and more in Early Methodism, where the Spirit was poured out, great preachers were raised up, the whole gospel was declared, people were convicted of sin; and societies were raised up who emphasised holiness and unity and strong Christian fellowship. This is still what we need; maybe more, but certainly, nothing less.

Even if all this takes place, it would deal only partly with the moral vacuum. Looking at the whole picture, Parliament would have to be drastically altered so that all the anti Biblical legislation was repealed, (it is an abhorrence in the eyes of God), and legislation in accordance with the Word of God was implemented, especially that dealing with education, for the sake of the rising generations.

In connection with all this, I received an email recently that gave the words of a prophecy given by John Mulinde of Uganda. "One day, as we prayed for Western Europe ," he said, " I had a picture shown me in the Spirit. In this picture I saw the map of the continent of Europe, and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. The fumes rose up very slowly and gradually began spreading out. From the pillar came a thin mist that began spreading out almost imperceptibly, but within a short time, it had formed a dark film over the entire continent of Europe. As the mist grew thicker, the features below became blurred and difficult to distinguish.

Then suddenly, I saw a small light spring out within the Isles of the UK. It grew rapidly with finger-like rays of light spreading out in all directions. The rays to the South spread out wider and with longer beams than the rest, and soon cut across the European main land. For some time they disappeared into the thick black cloud rising and spreading over the rest of Europe, then they broke through and reappeared from within the fumes. They spread out even farther touching across the entire African continent, eastwards across Asia and Australia and westwards across the North and South America. Then the picture disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared and in its place came a scripture, Isaiah 60:1-5"

John said that later, as he continued to seek God about the meaning of this picture, the Spirit of the Lord told him that "the picture was a representation of what was happening in the spiritual realm of Europe right now, that the thick darkness rising out of the continent of Europe right now is going to grow in intensity and will soon cover the whole continent, and on to the rest of the world. It is a force of evil. Wherever it will gain full control over any land, it will turn the hearts of the people totally away from God. They will then hate anything to do with God, with righteousness or indeed with any goodness. Sanity will be cast overboard, and people will call good evil and evil good. They will desire to give vent to the basest animal passions in them and will look for wilder and wilder ways of doing this. They will enjoy evil and will love others who enjoy it."

In this vision I understood clearly that because of the above conditions many unbelievers would perish without Christ, and many Christians who are weak and staggering would lose their endurance and give in to evil. But the Lord of love and compassion has a plan to pour out revival and cause righteousness to triumph.

The Spirit of the Lord said to me, "The light that you saw is my power soon to be released upon the land and people of Europe. It will come if my people will give themselves wholeheartedly to seeking my face. Its coming will be like a great storm. It will be a mighty power against the darkness and will protect my people from the effect of the invasion of darkness. Wherever the light will break out, the darkness shall be neutralised and defeated. But this calls for the co-operation of my people in seeking for it to happen."

Later the Lord said to me, "Say to my people in Britain, 'Arise and shine for the light of the Lord has come upon you." I understood the Lord to be clearly calling Britain into a special place of responsibility. While the darkness is rising fast in the nations, and many are losing all sense of direction, God will cause Britain to birth a new thing. A great light will spring out of Britain. It will be a wind of the Holy Spirit and will sweep across the whole of Europe like a bush fire. Indeed it shall stretch out to the ends of the world where it will join with other fires in world wide revival.

If you will answer this call, O Britain, and give yourself to institute prayer in your land, and seek the Lord with all your heart, with groaning and travailing in prayer, even as a woman in labour pains; yes, if you will repent of your sin and iniquities, if you will heal the wounded hearts within you, and cause unity to abound among your people; if you will return to your redemptive purpose, and again be faithful to the work of being a witness of the Gospel in the nations; then God will release upon you a mighty out-pouring of His Spirit. You will again be clothed with the glory of the Lord. You will be a nation that bears the name of the Lord like a banner in the sky. Other nations will see what God is doing in you. Those that are struggling against the domineering darkness looming over their territories will call out to you for help and assistance. Then you will be used by the Lord to bring light and redemption to many, even as in the olden days. That is God's redemptive purpose for you.

There are many in Europe and beyond who would choose Christ, given a fair chance to decide; but up to now, they are still blinded and cannot see Christ. There are many, too, who are Christians but are weak, wounded and weary; they have no strength to resist.

If you will rise up to the challenge, then the Lord will use you to take light to such as these. Then even if the rising darkness covers their land, they will survive its destructive influence because of the revival power of God. Such is the responsibility God is laying upon you; to birth the revival that will spread out to the rest of Europe.

If you do not rise up to your calling, God will let you go, as He said in Proverbs 1: 22-33. God will cause judgment to come upon you, Britain, for having neglected and forsaken your destiny as a great missionary nation, and for not paying heed when God offered you an opportunity of grace.

It was God's plan from the beginning to use you to take the Good News to the nations of the world. That is why from the beginning He allowed you great authority as a maritime nation; that you could travel far and wide. It was His hand that allowed you to establish an empire covering almost the entire world. It was not just for your pride, but so that in the process, you might win over the peoples of those nations to Him. Yes, it was even Him who blessed your language, English, into becoming the most widely spoken language in the world. He intended to use it as a medium of communication, effectively linking the peoples of the world. Your great missionaries were used to Christianize many lands. Your statesmen helped to end the slave trade, and to lay a foundation from which the people of God within the nations would rise to make their contribution to world evangelization. It is true that there is a lot for you to repent of in what you did in the nations, but the good things remain, nevertheless.

Look what Britain has become today. Once a great Christian nation, you have permitted many things to slip away. Very often you turned a deaf ear against all warnings to safeguard what was good and still remained of your great Christian heritage. You have already lost a great deal of that heritage, and a lot more will certainly go if you do not take quick action to redeem it. If you will not repent, Britain, you will certainly not escape God's judgment, and you will be a victim of the very powers you were called to defeat.

Look again at Isaiah 60:4&5. "Look, your sons and your daughters come from afar and gather themselves to you." These I understand to be the people from the lands once ruled by the United Kingdom of Great Britain, stretching across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. They will again form a holy alliance with you, and in this networking, great and mighty things shall some to pass.

Many will come from Africa and the rest of the "third world," and will be used by the Lord God to bless you spiritually. In some places they will take over your abandoned places of worship, and will bring new life to them and great blessing. That is why the Lord says, (v.5), "then you will see, and be radiant, and your heart shall thrill, and be enlarged."

This will demand great humbling on your part, but your God will lift you up. These are the last days, and God is calling every nation to take up its position in God's redemptive purpose, and fulfil their calling. Do not let pride hinder you. Look at the gifting God has allowed you to acquire over the years, and the unique position you hold in relation to Europe, America and Asia. Turn now and do not allow yourself to miss God's timing. All Europe is going to pass through a very painful struggle between two aggressive forces. Light versus darkness! God has called you to play a crucial role, so arise."

We must all judge and test this "prophecy" for ourselves, but for me, this is a very challenging word that has the ring of truth about it, especially because it uses the all important word "if," and calls for radical prayer and action.

If what has happened is truly "a wake up call" to the country, then let us make sure we wake up to our serious situation, and get others to wake up. If Britain is in such a bad situation that unless quick action is taken it will be too late to redeem it, then let nothing stand in the way of getting involved in the battle.

Our God of grace and mercy, who does not want the terrible judgment on this land to take place, but who is wanting to dispel the darkness and spread the light, is waiting to do the work. Let us not fail Him, but cry out to Him for mercy.

Ask the Holy Spirit to make you even more positive in your thinking, increase your faith in the miracle working power of God, and give you that sense of desperation He wants you to have, so that the impending judgment on this country is averted, the Holy Spirit is poured out, and this land is transformed, becomes what He wants it to be, and is used for His purposes.