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The Need For Revival

This once great nation, that has experienced so many outpourings of the Spirit in the past, and sent out missionaries all over the world, has now sunk to a moral and spiritual level undreamt of by our forefathers.

Church service and Sunday School attendance have shrunk to a fraction of what they once were. Our politicians are morally and spiritually bankrupt. They never mention God. They refuse to defend or uphold Christianity, but are bent on destroying it. Successive governments, and especially the present one, have passed laws that go against all of Godís laws in the Bible.

Divorce is easy to obtain. Abortions of unwanted children are commonplace. Homosexual practices are not only allowed, but encouraged. Sex education in school, which is compulsory, has no moral guidelines at all. The idea of staying celibate until marriage is derided. Same gender "marriages" can now be legally formalised. There is a deliberate policy by national and local government to destroy the family and our Christian heritage. The greatness of our past history is deliberately not taught in our schools, and everything in our society that is distinctively Christian is now regarded as offensive to non Christians, and, therefore, must be removed. Our radio and television programmes are almost completely Godless, with swearing and profanity common, and sex outside marriage, divorce and abortion regarded as normal. If Biblical Christianity is ever mentioned, it is openly derided as the belief of a few out of date cranks.

It is not surprising, therefore, that:

1. 41% of all children born in the U.K. are to unmarried people.

2. The vast majority of children do not live with their own parents in a stable relationship.

3. 100,000 children run away from broken homes every year.

4. Sex scenes on British television have increased 300% in the last five years.

5. The U.K. has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

6. Sexually transmitted diseases have increased to alarming levels.

7. Over the last 35 years, an average of one abortion has been carried out every 3 minutes.

8. 60 million acts of crime are committed every year, (one for every person in the country).

9. Over 10 million people are drug users.

10. "Binge drinking" of alcohol has become commonplace in all our large towns and cities, making the centres of these cities very dangerous places.

11. At peak times, 8 out of 10 admissions to the Accident and Emergency Units of our hospitals are due to drinking alcohol, costing us £12 billion every year.

12. The country suffers from very high truancy rates at work, mainly due to alcohol drinking.

13. 380,000 people are living on the streets of our cities. (equivalent to the total population of Cardiff).

14. 24 million anti depressant prescriptions are issued each year.

15. Every year, 140,000 people attempt suicide.

16. Swearing and blasphemy have increased to such an extent that even young children do it.

17. The United Kingdom is now over a trillion pounds in debt!

The nation has become immersed in a sea of secularism, pluralism, pleasure seeking and rebellion against God. Yet the churches of this land have compromised with the world so much that they are unwilling or unable or afraid to raise their voices. Almost universally, the church in Britain has abandoned its moral responsibility, and has retreated into religious and social activities, and works of charity, which are good and right and necessary, but which are merely rearguard actions in the face of such wickedness and open hostility to the Christian faith.

This is why I have started a prayer network of those committed to praying earnestly and consistently for the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on this land that once knew His favour, to raise up preachers of righteousness who will proclaim Godís standards, His law, His holiness and His grace, and to revive His work in Britain. If you would like to be part of it, or would like to know more, please : contact us by e-mail